Usul Jax

Squads Heavy Gunner


Usul stands 1.87m and weighs 110kg. With the left side of his body covered in scars from the fire incident and his back from non-judicial floggings. He keeps his head and face shaved since the scars prevent most of the hair on his left side from growing in.


Usul Jax was born the son of a one of the lower land managers, overseeing a sizable track of land. Usul has fond memories of his father. He would often take young Usul to hunt the large cats that prowled the endless fields. When Usul was still young his father left for one of the local hives to ensure transports would be ready after harvest. His father never returned, murdered just before leaving to return home.
Usul’s mother remarried shortly after the incident to the man who replaced his father as land manager. Usul has no found memories of his stepfather. He was put to work immediately and began working as a combine operator as soon as he turned of age. He no longer had time to hunt the large cats that called Drusus’ Hope home, they hunted him.
Before Usul turned 18, a particularly large and aggressive pride moved into the area. It was successful in killing multiple combine operators. Usul was sick of being the prey and went out alone one night to put an end to the pride. He was able locate the pride and set the surrounding vegetation on fire. Everyone knew he was reckless but what he did was unimaginable.
The dry season made allowed the flames to spread like locus, engulfing the sleeping cats in a matter of seconds. However winds change. The flames soon rushed back to Usul and surrounded him as well. Trapped by the flames he only had one choice. He rushed through the burning crops as fast as he could.
A local response team was sent out to extinguish the flames before they devastated miles of crops. Usul’s stepfather was the first to find the partially charred body of his stepson. His new father was more than happy to turn the daily reminded of the man who stole his beloved over to the authorities. Usul spent the next few weeks in the med center at the nearest hive to recover enough to receive his punishment for destroying the crops. He laid chained to the gurney knowing soon he would be flogged, flayed, and shot.
In the end it was his stepfather who saved him. Usul’s mother discovered what had happened to her first son. The stepfather called in all the favors and used all of his influence to save the young man life but, he also ensured that Usul would be out of his life forever.
Before fully recovering Usul was enlisted, unbeknownst to him, in the CXXII Drussian PDF Regiment. He began his training as soon as he was able. His large size made him a natural with the heavy weapons. However he was still as reckless as ever. He has seen plenty of his squad mates pass him and move on as sergeants.

Usul Jax

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