This is how your world ends…

Drusus XV was a quiet system. Three worlds in the system contained Imperial Citizens. The Capitol World; Drusus’ Hope was to supply incredible amounts of food for the Imperium to expand into Calixis Sector. Orbiting a figure-8 between two twin stars… growing time was continuous. For 600 years it did just that… producing enormous amounts of neo-maize that would feed the teeming masses of Calixis’ hive worlds.

2 standard years ago the furthest out-lying world; Drusus XV-6… went silent. This wasn’t investigated immediately. The world having been controlled by the Adeptus Mechanicus never really maintained regular contact with Drusus’ Hope.

1.5 standard years ago Picket-Fleet DXV performed a scheduled visit to Drusus XV-6… only to find the world completely abandoned and the Mechanicus facilities destroyed.(this appears to have occurred due to planned reactor detonations)

400 standard days ago Picket-Fleet DXV issued a distress call. Interference from the twin stars only permitted a garbled message to pass through. This was broadcast on all possible frequencies . “CURSED……ON..ters…..Consign our souls to the Emperor………….” Any citizen within earshot of a vox-caster heard the end of the fleet…

It happened that the Black Sabres chapter of the Adeptus Astartes was performing rapid training maneuvers on Drusus’ Hope at the time of the distress message. Half of the Black Sabres’ 8th company of Space Marines was on the world at the time of the distress call. Half of the Sabres’ company were aboard The Burning Edge Strike Cruiser when it reconnoitered the enemy fleet.

The result of this recon was similar to the last encounter. A garbled message across all vox-channels. “Emperor-damned beasts!!…… boarded…. return…….. Emperor Protects!”

No contact was made with The Burning Edge following that message.

As Drusus’ Hope approached the apex of it’s 3-year orbit… night began to fall. Astropaths began to shout for help across the Sea of Souls… they reported only hearing emptiness… and hunger… No responses were received. Some were driven to madness and were killed by their handlers.

Reports of monsters began to sprout across the world. When a distress call came in from one of the gatherer-communes… an order was issued

The macro-combines were called to the star-port mega cities with all available citizens and supplies… Drusus’ Hope would defend itself.

The ports are falling… the world resists… the final dice are soon to be cast.

Unto the End

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